Pan European Services

You don't have to worry about the practicalities of communicating with a single European market.

Ad-Lib has had an international focus from its very first day of business. To us, the importance of the wider European market has always been clear (currently more than $7,000 billion of world trade derives from Europe). So we ensure that you get the same standards of work in the rest of Europe that we provide in the UK.

For example, Ad-Lib has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the challenge of organising a multi-centre press tour. This might encompass press local conference practices in Munich; 'memento expectations' or media pack dissemination practicalities in Milan and press packs translated into several languages with technical and linguistic accuracy. Getting these details right will ensure your event is an international success.

Our consultants portfolio of pan-European press events includes work for Sony Microsystems, Central Point Software, WinSoft, Intel Corporation, Bell Atlantic, PowerSoft and Wonderware Corporation.

Through partnerships with a number of dedicated, high-technology PR consultancies in major business centres across Europe, Ad-Lib is ideally placed to offer its clients a fully integrated, pan-European service. A tried and tested network of associates in Munich, Stockholm, Paris, Milan, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw and in The Netherlands, helps to overcome any problems with language and culture. We also have connections with excellent IT PR professionals in many other major European cities. All our associates are fluent in English in addition to their mother tongue.

There are no surprises with costs. Our European partners adhere to the same budgetary controls that have helped to make Ad-Lib cost effective. With Ad-Lib International, you get all the convenience of a one-stop consultancy, with all the advantages of local know-how, without the high costs and inflexibility inherent in large multinational agencies.


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