Your advertising should be adding to the bottom line, not taking from it.

In these tough times, budgets need to be applied to maximum effect. We'll show you how you can achieve more with less. We'll demonstrate how you can maintain existing customers and generate new leads. We'll prove that you can gain a competitive edge by promoting your company and products while others are backing off. We'll make your advertising really work for its money.

Ad-Lib International knows how to make your advertising communicate, how to get it noticed, how to generate a positive response. Our recommendations will be based on in-depth media and market experience as well as thorough research. And we won't recommend a full-colour double-page spread when a mono quarter page will do. In fact, if we think advertising isn't for you, we'll say so.

Our associates have all the necessary in-house expertise to ensure stunning visuals and copy that not only grab your attention but also communicate your message. Whether your advertisement is aimed at corporate awareness, enquiry generation, or selling direct off the page, we provide an effective creative solution. And when it comes to media scheduling or buying, our planning and negotiating ensures that the timing and pricing is just right. With over 20 years' international experience in the field of high - technology, there isn't a lot our associates don't know about the relevant media.



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